About us

Mescolanza is a cozy Italian restaurant nestled in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Known for its northern Italian menu, it features pasta (the house specialty is linguine limone), pizzetta (thin crust pizza), and main courses including veal, shrimp, and grilled fish of the day.  See our menu for details!


Ruben and Maria Macedo, purchased Mescolanza from the previous owners back in November, 1998. Ruben has worked at the restaurant since it opened in 1987, beginning as the pizza cook.  It is not unusual for Ruben and Maria to begin their day with a trip to the produce market in the morning, do all the prep work in the early afternoon, work in the kitchen while the restaurant is open, and even do all the cleanup after everyone else has gone home.

In Ruben's own words...

"I've worked in many different Italian restaurants since the early 80's to make ends meet, and I have always thought constantly of ways that I could improve my life and consequentially my work.  
Long before we bought Mescolanza, I was hired at the restaurant as a maintenance worker. Yet, during that time, I quietly dreamt of ideas for new dishes that could potentially help the restaurant. I have a strong work ethic, so I worked hard as a janitor until I was promoted to working in the pantry.  A short time later, I found myself training in the kitchen as a pizza chef. 
Suddenly in 1998 an unexpected opportunity presented itself, and I purchased the business. Ever since that purchase,  I have always made sure that Mescolanza offers only the best quality of organic produce, wild fish, hormone free poultry, and more.
One of the biggest and most important events, not only in my professional life but also my personal one was when we were featured on Check Please Bay Area.  You can see the video here. 
At the end of 2014, we lost the lease for our original location on Clement Street in the Richmond District of San Francisco, and were forced to relocate. It was a very painful experience for us because the future of our restaurant was uncertain, and we faced tremendous hardships looking for a new location. Even after we found one just a few blocks away, there were many construction delays which in turn, delayed our re-opening.
Now, thanks to the loyalty of our customers and to our employees who have stuck by our side through the toughest of times, we have overcome the difficult challenges of rebuilding and reestablishing ourselves.
Today, we are extremely happy and grateful to continue serving our new and returning customers for a long time to come."